Cloud Sugar Cookie – The Perfect Addition to my UNICORNS GALORE Cookie Course

Decorated Cloud Sugar Cookie

I work with kids in my day job, and every single one of the girls is obsessed with unicorns.  Unicorn leggings, unicorn sequin shirts, unicorn toys and stuffed animals…unicorn everything.  I was joking with one of the little girls that I should make some Unicorn-Themed Sugar Cookies and she freaked out (lol)!  I just “had” to make them.  These cookies are absolutely adorable and would be perfect to make with kids for a fun weekend activity or for a birthday party.  I added the Cloud Cookie as a filler cookie for my unicorn set.

Decorated Cloud Sugar Cookie

I love this Cloud Cookie design because it is the perfect addition to my Unicorns Galore Cookie Course set.  Click here to sign up for the Unicorns Galore course and to get a free PDF download of the cloud cookie template and step-by-step picture instructions for how to decorate this design.

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Materials for Cloud Cookie:
Get Cloud Cookie Template

You don’t need a specific cookie cutter to make this cookie shape.  I’ve included a template that you can print and cut out with scissors to use as a guide. 

Simply download the PDF and print the template page.

Cutting out Cloud Cookie

Use the instructions on my sugar cookie recipe for cookies that will not spread.  To make cutting the design easier, place rolled out dough (I rolled mine to approximately ¼” thick) into the fridge to harden.  It’s MUCH easier to cut the dough when it’s chilled. To make transferring the dough easier, I rolled it out between two sheets of parchment paper. 

Use scissors to cut out the printed cloud template shape.  Place the template on the chilled dough and use a sharp knife or an X-acto knife to cut around the outside of the template.  If the dough softens while cutting, just place the dough back in the fridge to harden.  

Decorated Cloud Sugar Cookie
Step-by-Step Picture Tutorial for Cloud Cookie

The step-by-step instructions to make this beginner-level cloud sugar cookie design is free.  You just need to sign up below to get the digital PDF with the decorating steps. 

Decorated Cloud Sugar Cookie

If you would like to learn how to make all of the other cute Unicorn Cookies, join me in my live cookie decorating course (Unicorns Galore) on Monday, June 14th from 6-8pm CDT.  To learn more information and to sign up, click here.

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