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6 Ways to Make Edible Roses

It’s springtime and I’m getting SOOO excited about the warm weather!  Since I’ve been staying in my house while waiting for the “shelter in place” order to be lifted, I found a way to bring some spring recently into the house by making a bunch of treats that are decorated with roses. Below, you will find a list of posts with tutorials for 6 Ways to Make Edible Roses.

Feel free to get creative when making these and have fun with your designs. Some of these methods are more intermediate/advanced (e.g., piping buttercream/royal icing roses and making gum paste roses with individual petals), but with a little practice, you should feel more comfortable with the method and get better results. Thank you to one of my subscribers who suggested making flower tutorials! These have been really fun! Click on the title or picture below to go to the tutorial post.

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Method 1: Buttercream or Royal Icing Piped Rose

Edible Roses Way 1: Piped Buttercream Roses

Method 2: Gum paste Rose – “Easiest Rose Ever” Cutter

Edible Roses Way 2: Gum paste Rose - "Easiest Rose Ever" Cutter

Method 3: Gum paste Rose – Individual Petals

Edible Roses Way 3: Gum paste Rose - Individual Petals

Method 4: Rose Russian Piping Tip

Edible Roses Way 4: Rose Russian Piping Tip

Method 5: Piped Rosette

Edible Roses Way 5: Piped Rosette

Method 6: Royal Icing Decorated Kawaii Rose Sugar Cookies

Edible Roses Way 6: Royal Icing Decorated Kawaii Rose Sugar Cookie

If you give any of these “6 Ways to Make Edible Roses” a try, let me know! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions as you’re making the roses.  Leave a comment, or take a picture and tag it #windycitybaker on Instagram. Good luck with decorating and enjoy the spring weather!

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