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Rose Russian Piping Tip

Rose Russian Piping Tip Cupcakes

My husband surprised me with a box of Russian piping tips. I have always wanted to try them! If you have ever wanted to pipe flowers, but it seemed too difficult, then these tips are probably for you. I used the Rose Russian Piping Tip to make these beautiful and simple spring-themed cupcakes. I used Italian Meringue Buttercream to make these roses, but you can follow the exact same steps with stiff royal icing if you would prefer. Scroll down to see the tutorial below.

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Decorating with the Rose Russian Piping Tip
Buttercream covered cupcake

Begin by using a knife/offset spatula to cover the top of the cupcake in a thin layer of colored buttercream. I prefer to use the same color as the roses. This way, the cake won’t be visible if there are spaces between the piped flowers. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly smooth, it will be covered by flowers.

Before piping, place some colored buttercream into a piping bag fitted with the rose tip inside the bag.  My set doesn’t have numbers that correspond to the tips, so try to use a tip that looks as similar to a rose as possible. 

I like to practice on my gum paste storage board before piping onto a cupcake/cake since it’s easy to wipe off the practice flowers and reuse the buttercream (i.e., no waste). It also gives me a chance to get a feel for how much pressure is needed to make the flower. Russian piping tips can be a little finicky, so I would highly suggest practicing a few roses before piping them onto your dessert.

Hold the piping bag in your dominant hand and perpendicular to the surface you want to pipe on (i.e., vertical if piping on a flat surface; horizontal if piping on a vertical surface). Place the tip touching the surface and slowly raise the tip of the bag while squeezing steadily. Stop squeezing and then pull the tip away from the buttercream.

Rose Russian Piping Tip Cupcakes

The flowers look sharper if the tip is periodically wiped clean. Also, pulling the bag up while squeezing is imperative to get the individual petals. Just squeezing with the bag in one place results in a shapeless blob.

Rose Russian Piping Tip Cupcakes

To finish the cupcake, I used a leaf piping tip (i.e., #352) to add leaves around the roses and cover the exposed cake. To pipe the leaves, turn the tip so the pointy parts are vertical. Squeeze the bag as you pull away from the cupcake. Use slightly more pressure at the base of the leaf and decrease the pressure while moving away from the surface. Stop squeezing before pulling the piping away to get a pointed leaf.

Want More Ways to Make Edible Flowers?
Rose Russian Piping Tip Cupcakes

I’ve only played with a few of my Russian piping tips, but I’m really excited to use the rest of them. Let me know below if you have ever used any Russian Piping Tips include the rose-shaped tip. Do you use any other techniques when using these tips?

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