Summer Desserts “Paint Your Own” (PYO) Cookies

$7/cookie & $42/set (i.e., 6 cookies)

Looking for a party favor or even just a crafty way to entertain children & adults without making a mess in your kitchen?

These large, Summer Dessert Paint Your Own (PYO) Cookies are the perfect, tasty treat! All you have to do is dab your brush in a small amount of water and start painting!

Each cookie is individually wrapped and will include edible colors, a paintbrush, and painting instructions.

Approximate Cookie Dimensions: 4″x4.5″
The exact size will depend on the cookie shape.

If you would prefer a custom set, please complete the custom order form and let me know what specific designs you had in mind. These cookies are such a great way to play with your food and have fun!

We require 48-hour notice for orders placed through the website. If your pickup date is less than 48 hours away, your order will not be processed and you will be issued a refund. Please place a custom order instead.