Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet

Thank you to everyone who has ordered desserts for Mother’s Day weekend!  At this point in time, due to high demand, I am completely booked and no longer able to take any more orders.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Sure, you could get your mom a fresh bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day #predictable OR you could get your mom an edible floral cupcake bouquet and gain bragging rights as the smartest, most creative and clearly being the superior child! Of course it’s not just about you and your amazing, locally made gift, no, it’s also about the look on your mom’s face when she sees the breathtaking array of buttercream (or cream cheese) flowers nesting on top of your choice of cupcake. She will remember this gift for years to come. You can have her arrangement created in a 3-D bouquet or in a 2-D design, customize below.

You can preorder this dessert through May 11th to ensure a pickup on May 13-14th. Specify your pickup date and time below. Orders made after May 11th will be subject to product availability.

Please note: To ensure the most delicious texture and taste, cupcakes need to be kept at room temperature for a minimum of 1 hour before cutting/eating.

Would you like to pick up your order or have it delivered to an address in the neighborhood of HYDE PARK? Deliveries outside of Hyde Park would require a custom order.
Please write a pickup time during business hours. Saturday/Sunday 9am-12pm.
Please write a pickup time during business hours. Saturday/Sunday 9am-12pm.
The phone number will be used to coordinate the delivery.
Please enter the Hyde Park delivery address. For addresses outside of Hyde Park, please contact Sara at [email protected] or 312-798-9870.