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6 pound cakes on white plates with the ingredients being compared: butter, oil, sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese, and vanilla ice cream
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Comparing Pound Cake Ingredients and Substitutions to Get the Best Pound Cake | Down the Baking Rabbit Hole Series

Pound cake is the quintessential basic butter cake, but no one wants to eat a dry cake or one that’s super dense without any tenderness. There are so many recipes out there with a ton of advice about which ingredient substitutions can be made to change the texture of the cake crumb and what can…

Thick blueberry sauce in a white bowl on a teal plate with frozen blueberries and lemon wedges
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Blueberry Sauce Recipe – Options to Make With and Without Cornstarch

Blueberry sauce is a fantastic addition to spring and summer desserts.  It’s perfect on New York Style cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon French toast, classic pancakes, waffles, and soooo many other desserts.  One problem I have with most blueberry sauce recipes is that they tend to be light on the blueberry flavor.  I want to…

Entenmann's, Betty Crocker, Sara Lee, and Brown Sugar Bakery cakes, slices, and boxes
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Comparing Store Bought Pound Cake | Down the Baking Rabbit Hole Series

Pound cake is a great basic cake staple that works perfectly as a blank slate to eat on its own or with delicious toppings. Sometimes, though, you don’t have a lot of time to make a cake from scratch. It’s helpful to have a great store bought pound cake option to turn to when you…

Pound Cake from 1747 on a black plate
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Making the First Published Pound Cake Recipe from 1747 | Down the Baking Rabbit Hole Series

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make and eat a pound cake from 275 years ago? That’s exactly what I’m going to be exploring in this post by making the first published pound cake from 1747. ***This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission (at no…