Want to Decorate Cookies, But Don't Know What Tools You Need?

The Ultimate Cookie Decorating Checklist contains:

  • Necessary tools and supplies to make sugar cookies, royal icing, and to decorate the cookies.
  • Optional tools that are helpful, but not required to push your cookie decorating to the next level.
  • Extra space to customize the list with additional supplies.
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Hey there, I'm Sara!

I began taking decorating classes in graduate school to improve my piping skills as a hobby. Fast forward 8 years and MANY batches of cookies later ... now decorated cookies are one of my go-to treats when celebrating special occasions. 

I have also compiled a LOT of information about decorating cookies over the years and wrote a beginner's guide to cookie decorating. I’ve used my knowledge to help cookie decorators of all levels improve their skills. I'd love to help you do the same!